Personalization Survey
Question 1 of 4

How many systems are used to capture customer data?

Total Systems

Question 2 of 4
What is your current strategy to have a single customer database?
Already implemented a single customer database 
Currently implementing plans to create a single customer database 
Plans to implement in the next 12 month 
Don't have enough organizational support to do so 
Have not considered moving to a single customer database 
Don't know 
Question 3 of 4
What are your plans to use the following advanced analytics?
  Don't Know Not Interested Interested, but not a priority Implementing in the next 12 mos Implemented
Web Analytics          
Text Analytics          
Predictive Analytics          
Location Analytics          
Question 4 of 4
For each of the customer interaction channels, rate your ability to understand customer intent and respond in real-time?
  Don't Know Don't have it, have no plans Don't have it, but have plans Have limited capability Full capability
Call Center          
In Store          
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